Joelle Meets Seattle

For my next trip, I wanted to see what the Pacific Northwest was all about. I mean there has to be a reason why @SocalityBarbie would always #PNW in her posts right?

Homebase Capitol Hill

I booked a Private Room via Airbnb in the Capitol Hill area. If you love drinking, eating and quirky shops then Capitol Hill is your neighborhood. It’s also super convenient to all the main touristy areas like Pike Place and Seattle Center. My means of transportation was all through public transit, bus and light rail, an LA girl’s fantasy. Around Seattle everything is walkable and easy to navigate. I relied on Google Maps to take the streets. Pro tip: Make sure you load up an ORCA card so you can get around smoothly and not worry about transfers or loose change. You can also use ORCA to get to the airport to and fro.

My first meal in Seattle was at U:Don, imagine a Japanese Chipotle where you can build your own noodle dishes. This restaurant was way better than I expected! Living in Torrance has caused me to be picky with anything that’s not authentic Japanese. I really enjoyed their Niku udon. They also had a made to order tempura bar where you can add whatever deep fried veggies or Shrimp to your meal.

Yummy udon
Udon know how much you mean to me.

So, my boyfriend asked me to find a Seattle Supersonics hat to bring home. I’m really glad I stumbled upon Throwbacks NW. If you’re a lover of old school sports hats. This place is filled with tons of hats, jerseys, and jackets circa 90’s and 2000’s. Score if you’re trying to find vintage NBA Finals caps from your childhood. They even make their own set of dad hats that pay homage to the city’s beautiful skyline.

Pike Place Perfection

A visit to Seattle is not complete without a visit to Pike Place. A couple of hours is not enough for to visit this food mecca. This market has floors of seafood, local trinkets, and fresh flowers.

When you’re making your itinerary plan for Pikes Place Market in the morning. A lot of the shops close around 6 pm, so it gets pretty dead in the afternoon. Afternoons are great if you don’t want to climb over people to take pictures of the famous Farmers Market sign. My favorite stand at the market is Chukar Cherries. Oh my goodness, chocolate covered cherries will change your life! The Chukar workers are very sweet and let you try whatever you want. My favorites are the Cabernet Cherries and Black Forest Cherries. Pro tip: pack a reusable tote bag so you can stash away your souvenirs easily.

Just across the street, Pike Place Chowder on Post Aly is THE spot to get clam chowder. Thank god there was a long line because I was having the longest internal struggle if I should get a bread bowl? Should I stick to the traditional clam chowder or try the Lobster Corn Chowder? What about a Lobster Roll? Haha, when the hardest decision of your life is what to eat that’s when you know you’ve made it. My grand conclusion was to ball out and get whole Lobster Roll with a cup Clam Chowder. Mmmm no regrets at all.

Come to mama

Pike Place is also home to the original Starbucks location. If you know me, I have a huge sensitivity to coffee so I did not get a cup of the famous Pike coffee. Another shop worth walking into is Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. Everyone raves about the mac and cheese but personally, I am obsessed with the grilled cheese sandwich it tastes exactly like mac and cheese. There’s also a cute little park next to Pikes Place where you can enjoy great views of the Puget Sound waterfront.

Puget Sound

Seattle Center of it All

Of course, I had to make my rounds to Seattle Center and check out the iconic Space Needle and museums. I chose not to take the trip up the tower and opted for exploring the exhibits of Chihuly Garden and Glass and Museum of Pop Culture. Chihuly Garden and Glass was amazing. If you think the Bellagio’s ceiling installation is marvelous, this museum will blow your mind.The museum is smaller than expected so take your time to enjoy the glass exhibits and garden.

As for the Museum of Pop Culture, they were in between installations, so I just missed the Rube Goldberg Machine and Metallica exhibit. Ugh, I know so cool. Pro tip: before you visit check their website if it’s the special collection you want to see! Their permanent collection is perfect for music and movie junkies. There’s a section where you can compose your own music and installations dedicated to Science Fiction and Fantasy. Attention Star Wars nerds, Luke Skywalker’s slashed off hand during “The Empire Strikes Back” lightsaber duel with Darth Vader, is on display along with the lightsaber the character used in the OG “Star Wars” movie.

Hella guitars


Ah, Seattle where the lines of city and nature blend so perfectly. There aren’t many places where you can have skyscrapers surrounded by trees. Seattle is the perfect city for women or solo travelers. I walked the streets late at night and felt completely safe. Be prepared for walking the hills, think San Francisco bumps. Don’t forget to pack a good pair of walking shoes. Dress in layers as well! Luckily, I didn’t have to whip out an umbrella during my trip, but the wind is still chilly outside. All in all, Seattle is a great city. I loved the energy of the people there.

I apologize for this extremely late post. All this traveling, unfortunately, took a toll on my immune system. I’m back! Thank you for all your praise on this blog,  I really appreciate it. I’m excited to keep it going and share my adventures with you!

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